CD The Path
ReR Megacorp, London, 2017

Music for the Faiths and Conspiracies

Music for the Faiths and Conspiracies
Multimedia Music, Belgrade, 2016


CD Times of Day
ReR Megacorp, London, 2014

Ultima Armonia

CD ULTIMA ARMONIA: Someone Killed the Swan / Laments on South- Eastern Europe
Leo Records, England, 2014

Eastern Moon Rising

World Music Network, London, 2014

Chamber Music

CD Chamber Music, Long Arms, Moscow 2010

Catalogue of Memories

Catalogue of Memories
Published by Kachara, Bukovac, Serbia, distributed by ReR Megacorp, London, 2012


CD ON EASTERN WAY, NARRATOR records, Budapest 2012

World after History

CD World after History, PIRANHA, Berlin, 2005

DVD Before and After … Apocalypse

DVD Before and after... Apocalypse, PIRANHA, Berlin 2008

Songs from the Garden of Loves and Graves

CD Songs from the Garden of Loves and Graves, SNP, Serbia 2007

The Last Balkan Tango

CD The Last Balkan Tango, PIRANHA, Berlin, 2001


CD DAMARI, Kachara, Bukovac, 2004

Ballads at the End of Time

CD Ballads at the End of Time, PIRANHA, Berlin, 2003

The Mask

CD The Mask, Interzone / Ikarus, Yugoslavia/Austria, 1997

Mirror of the Voice

CD Mirror of the Voice (CD+book)Radio 021, Yugoslavia, 1999

East OFF Europe

CD East OFF Europe, Victo, Canada, 1998

Profana Liturgija

CD Profana Liturgija, ADN, Milan, 1991 / Kachara, Bukovac, 2004

Play on String

CD Play on String (string quartet), More Music, Italy, 1996

Anamnesis – Ecumenical Mysteries

CD Anamnesis - Ecumenical Mysteries, Victo, Canada, 1996

Ritual Nova

LP Ritual Nova, Symposion rec., Yugoslavia, 1986

Ritual Nova 2

LP Ritual Nova 2, Recommended rec., London, 1989

Ritual Nova Collection

CD Ritual Nova Collection, Recommended rec.,London/USA, 1993